Bridal & Private Party Testimonials

I just want to thank you again for all your help. The girls did a fantastic job on my hair and my two girls.

Erin Holgerson

Please send my thanks to the Milagro staff that helped us on our wedding day, especially to Melissa and Andrea! They both did a phenomenal job in creating my look! My hair and make up held up through the whole night & I don't think I ever received so many compliments in my life

Julie Blackbeer

It was a wonderful afternoon and gave me relaxing time with my closest family members and friends.

Annemarie Hanley

Thank you so much for arranging the hair, makeup and delicious breakfast spread for my girls and me on the morning of my big day. Everything was perfect!

Emily Dodd

I just wanted to say thank you for everything. We had a great experience at Milagro!

Jennifer Louro

Thank you so much for everything! Everyone was very happy with the services at the Milagro Spa. All of the staff were wonderful and made everyone feel relaxed and enjoy the services. It was a very special couple of days for us.

Nicole Russo

I will send any brides your way!

Diane Rubin

My entire party finished at just about the same time, and all looking infinitely more relaxed and "beautified". I cannot tell you how much this was all appreciated by a blissful bride and her rowdy group of friends!

Robin Vitale

Thank you all so much for the fantastic service at the Bachelorette Party and the week of wedding services and the wonderful start to the wedding day, from ordering the food to the bright smiley faces of all.

Julie Kennedy