Hot Stone Massage

All massages may be purchased as a series at a discounted rate. Prices do not include 7% sales tax.

Milagro Healing Stone Massage

Smooth heated basalt stones placed on specific acupressure points provides instant relief to tense muscles and joints.

80 min $160

Deep Tissue Massage

Traditional Swedish massage with deep tissue movements affect deeper structures of the body.

50 min $100 80 min $145

Classic Massage

Reduces stress, improve circulation and provides a sense of well being.

50 min $85 80 min $130

Aromatherapy Massage

Combines the benefits of massage with the powerful aromatherapy benefits of essential oils.  Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to restore balance to the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

50 min $95 80 min $140

Maternity Massage

Addresses the needs of mothers-to-be with our pre-natal massage for a relaxing experience.  Offered to women in their second and third trimesters only.

50 min $95

Sports Massage

Incorporates classic massage with stretching techniques recommended by trainers to improve physical performance.

50 min $100 80 min $145


Light touch techniques allow the body to balance and harmonize its energy promoting deep relaxation and equilibrium throughout the body.

50 min $100 80 min $145

Man Getting Massage


Based on the oriental healing method with pressure applied to specific points on the body to relieve fatigue and increase energy flow.  This service is performed on a table with stretching.  Please wear loose fitting clothing.

50 min $100 80 min $145

Couples Massage

Allows two people to enjoy a massage at the same time with our therapists focusing on each individual’s specific wellness needs. Please call for pricing.

50 min 80 min

Milagro Scalp Massage

Relieves stress and tension

20 min $65


An intense foot massage promoting balance and well-being.

50 min hand & foot massage $85